Alrighty then, I am going to sit my butt down to fill in this project some more.

I’m so excited that my post has taken off and I can finish this thing, thank you guys!


[-Love is a Miracle-]

Comfort zone painting/scribbling../cackles played around a ton with bg effects but…should have paid more attention to actual technique than simply getting this out of system;;;;; o<——< 

we need the tonic of wildness

"oooooohhhh watercolor!! it's gonna be so pretty!!!!!"
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Yep! I probably should play with the paint a but beforehand though.

"doot doot how is the project coming along? c:"
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Pretty fucking awesome right now. I can’t wait til I’ve written all the urls and can do the watercolor bit over it. This one is going to be so awesome once finished, I’m so excited to see it!

Thanks for asking Mango~


if you think you can just follow me and start talking to me as if we were friends well you are correct

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I am going to be filling in this picture of a jellyfish with urls from this post. You can check out past projects here or my Facebook page. Or look at my store and help me pay for scans of these projects.

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